Tommee Tippee® sleeptight™ Portable Blackout Blind

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This handy blackout blind helps create a dark and cosy environment to encourage little ones to enjoy restful sleep anywhere. It can be put in place in minutes, attaching directly to a window using long lasting suction cups. It’s easy to use and quick to adjust, making it easy to create a dark environment for baby to sleep in. Made from a lightweight premium blackout fabric that completely blocks daylight, it’s light and portable and comes in a handy travel bag, making it ideal for holidays and travel.

Getting baby into healthy sleeping habits is a challenge at the best of times, but even more so as seasons change or when you’re away from home. This lightweight, portable and adaptable blackout blind completely blocks out light to help create a dark and sleepy space anywhere, to encourage your little one to settle down to sleep.

  • Creates a dark environment anywhere and helps maintain baby’s sleep routine
  • Easy to put up and take down, attaches to window with long lasting suction cups
  • Easy to adjust, fastenings allow you to adapt to get the perfect size for your window and it can be reduced to around a third of its maximum size
  • Comes with a handy travel bag, the lightweight blind is easy to transport and store so it’s ideal for travel
  • Large fits windows up to a maximum of 130 x 198 cm
  • Machine washable

How to install your sleeptight™ Blind.
1. Make sure the window you want to attach the blind to is clean, especially where you’re going to attach the suction cups.
2. Starting with an upper corner of the window, work across the top first, then down the sides and finally along the bottom.
3. As you go around the window, adjust the size of the blind to fit using the Velcro patches.

My sleeptight™ Blind won’t stick to a window, what can I do?
Sometimes the suction cups on your sleeptight™ Blind get flattened and won’t stick effectively to your window (this happens with new blinds and blinds that have been stored for a while).
The suction cups stick better when the surface and the suction cups are clean and free from dirt. Changes in temperature or humidity may also mean the cups lose suction.

To achieve the best suction.
1. Clean the window with soap and water. De-grease the glass with rubbing alcohol if necessary. Ordinary bathroom or window cleaners can leave a residue. Wipe clean with a soft lint free cloth.
2. If necessary, wash the suction cups with warm, soapy water, rinse and pat them dry with a lint free cloth. Make sure both the inside of the suction cups and your window are clean and dry before application.
3. To improve suction and help keep the seal tight, dampen your fingertip with water and lightly moisten the inner rim of the suction cup. This helps create a tighter seal. The key is to not get too much moisture, just barely enough to coat the surface.
4. Press the centre of each suction cup all the way down firmly to the glass and keep firm pressure for about 15 seconds. Then gently release the pressure until all the air bubbles inside are released to firmly seal the cups to the surface. You’re trying to push all of air trapped between the suction cup and the window out from behind the suction cup. Try not to let the suction cups slide, if they slide easily you might have used too much moisture.
5. The closer the suction cups and the window are in temperature and the closer this is to room temperature, the better results you will have.
6. The suction cups may need to be "burped" periodically by pressing down on them to remove any air that may have seeped in.

If a suction cup still won’t stick.
1. Try rolling it between your fingers to reshape it.
2. If the suction cup has become flattened or deformed place it carefully in hot water for 2-3 minutes. This will help make it more flexible, allowing it to return to its normal shape.

How do I remove a sleeptight™ Blind?
When it’s time to remove your blind, or if you are taking it down to go on holiday, remember.
1. Don’t grab the blind and pull, you risk serious damage to your window glass if you do this. Simply pull on the release tab of each individual suction cup to break the suction. This lets air in and the suction cup stops sucking without causing damage to the cup edge.
2. Please do not pull on the blind to remove it from your window. Not only do you risk damaging the blind and eyelets but you could damage the window itself.

Where can I use a sleeptight™ Blind?
You can safely apply a sleeptight™ Blind to normal single or double glazed windows in good condition.
Do not use your sleeptight™ Blind on windows that have damaged edges, visible chips, cracks or any other glass or frame damage. Do not use on laminated, textured/patterned or leaded glass or windows with internal wire strengthening.

Tommee Tippee® will not be held responsible for any glass breakage resulting from use of the sleeptight™ Blind.

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Just what we needed

It's made a huge difference, especially with the summer sun. Easy to put up, blocks out the light nicely


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1489 reviews
Amazing sleep suit!

Love this suit! My boy wriggles a lot and this ensures he is kept warm on these winter nights.


Beautiful car seat, will use it with the maxi cosi pram, this has all the features that i could want, a nice recline and padding for baba, i am loving this website its so much cheaper than retail prices and quick delivery

Love Isoki products

Great quality bag. Love the color. The material is nice . Easy to clean. Quite big but great size because it fits everything I need for my Toddler for playcentre or when going on day trip. Can fit a few changes of clothing, jacket nappies wipes lunch box. A drink bottle for both of us. wallet keys etc. Just perfect. Comfortable to wear on your back or hangs on stroller with the stroller straps easily even on my smaller stroller. Love Isoki I've bought a couple of there nappie bags already. Very happy with it. Great price and service fast shipping. Bag was as described. Very happy.

Great stroller

I love this stroller. The handle extends out nice and high, so no stooped backs when walking along (both myself and my partner are tall and struggle with other brands that are much lower). Sturdy construction. Good wheels for going on rough grass etc. Big storage basket. Good sized canopy for protecting against the NZ sun. It is quite heavy, but then it was never going to be a 'travel' stroller so that's ok. Really pleased with it overall.

Does the job

Reasonably sturdy and a good standard size for cups etc. Annoying how you have to remove it every time you want to collapse the stroller down. Sticks out sideways a lot too. I like it but don't think it wiill get used as much as I thought it would.