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Unleash the potential of go™ with the revolutionary double kit™ that allows you to ride your way with two kids inline® in the most petite little package. Then have the ability to split out into two buggies for when your kids want to go their separate ways with parents in tow.

Key Features:

Aren't a copycat or one trick pony:
We're not just a boring stroller board that has no use after, that would be useless. We‘ve gone next level and had our double kit™ designed to transform and be certified as a buggy so your kid can ride petite on a separate pair of wheels with all the safety and certification in check.

Patented innovation:
A patented tail free harness has been cleverly designed to keep long, fussy, loose straps out of little hands and mouths for superior safety and hygiene.

Long and gangly umbrella fold vs tight little compact umbrella fold:
We're going head to head with the umbrella stroller. How? Well, think of your typical umbrella stroller that no one knows how to fold and is vertically challenged (much like a regular, old school umbrella) vs go™, that folds to half the size, yet is as light and far more useful for everyday adventures.

Out of the box for newborn:
Umbrella strollers don’t usually cater for newborns, only from six months up but not go™. With go™ the seat lies fully flat so that you’re ready to roll with your newborn in tow.

Parent facing options for newborn:
Not many (if any) umbrella strollers take an infant car seat or carrycot because they’re just not stable or strong enough to hold one, go™ can deliver on both options for parents who want to have those special face to face moments with their bub.

So much to offer, yet still remains one of the lightest:
Though other umbrella strollers weigh the same as go™, it’s to the compromise of the skimpy, mesh fabrics they use or they’ve weighed the product stripped of its fabrics and components. That’s not very fair for parents now is it?

Roomiest and cushiest:
go™ delivers with the roomiest seat on offer that’s got the padded delights of a liner and harness padding. Your child can ride in comfort, not like other umbrella strollers where your kid is sitting on a mesh or flimsy seat with no padding that’s not cushy.

Four proper wheels to do the job:
Most others feel the need to have eight wheels to take the load, how awkward. Or they may have four but it's in a three wheel formation, or use plastic scooter like wheels that just aren’t robust. With go™ you get four EVA tyres perfectly balanced to support the buggy frame and will last the distance.

Features and benefits as an inline® and as a buggy:

Single to double to separate modes of travel:
go™ double kit™ allows you to take two kids inline® when connected to go™ buggy. Ready to go further? go™ double kit™ easily transforms into its own separate buggy with the included wheel set.

Ridiculously light as singles and when inline®!
At just 5.5 kg, go™ double kit™ is also a superb lightweight buggy that’ll be your best friend shopping in and around town. It’s a no brainer for parents living in metro areas and apartments who need an ultra light solution that packs down teeny tiny, even when going inline®.

Easy fold to pack away:
Enjoy go™ double kit™ with its compact and fuss free fold, even when carrying bub on the hip. Fits into the smallest of storage and car boot spaces.

One of the roomiest seats in the market:
Having a spacious seat from the get go is so important because your bub won’t stay little for long. Having one of the more roomier and taller seats in the market, your kid will always be comfortable.

Fabric sling seat for a tiny newborn to a tall toddler:
Not only do you have infinite recline levels for naps, the fabric sling seat creates an instant lie flat bed for your newborn right out of the box.

Adjustable footrest:
Elevate your kid's little legs up for a more comfy ride.

Tidy harness system:
This patented tail free, five point harness system has been cleverly designed to keep long, fussy, loose straps out of little hands and mouths for superior safety and hygiene.

Four wheels, urban performance:
Riding with four EVA tyres that never require maintenance because they don’t puncture. Just attach the included wheel set to your go™ double kit™ to adapt it to a full sized buggy and you're off and rolling.

All wheel suspension:
Provides a fantastically smooth ride across urban bumps when adventuring around town.

A cushy ride for their bottom.
Choose the colour of your cushy ride™ liner in eight awesomely trendy colourways.

Great protection
The sun hood extends to provide UPF50+ protection for your bub when out and about.

Peek-a-boo, I see you:
Located on the sun hood is a peek-a-boo flap so you can check your kid anytime when out and about

Grab bar included:
Unlike other brands, we see the grab bar as relevant enough to be included with your go™ double kit™, it just provides an additional layer of security to surround your kid.

Great storage space:
The gear tray is roomy, taking up to 5 kg and also easily accessible for getting your gear in and out!

Pimp your ride, right from newborn:
Get the accessories to ride with ease, with super handy newborn accessories that go on the go™ double kit™, like alpha™ infant car seat or the soft shelled cocoon™.


Age Range:
go™ buggy newborn to four years (age reference as a guide only)
go™ double kit™ as a buggy newborn to four years (age reference as a guide only)
go™ inline® newborn to four years (age reference as a guide only)

Product Weight:
go™ buggy 5.5 kg (includes grab bar and liner)
go™ double kit™ as a buggy 5.5 kg (includes grab bar and liner)
go™ inline® 12 kg (includes grab bar and liners)

Seat Load:
go™ buggy 15 kg
go™ double kit™ as a buggy 15 kg
go™ inline® rear buggy 13 kg, front buggy 15 kg

Dimensions (H x W x L):
go™ buggy 104 x 44 x 81 cm
go™ double kit™ as a buggy 104 x 46 x 81 cm
go™ inline® 112 x 46 x 137 cm

Folded Dimensions (H x W x L):
go™ buggy 22 x 44 x 54 cm
go™ double kit™ as a buggy 22 x 46 x 54 cm
go™ inline® 49 x 46 x 61 cm

Seat Dimensions (H x W x D) (measured without the liner):
go™ buggy 47 x 31 x 20 cm
go™ double kit™ as a buggy 47 x 31 x 20 cm

Gear Tray Capacity:
go™ buggy 5 kg
go™ double kit™ as a buggy 5 kg

What's in the box:
double kit
connector plate
rear wheel set

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