NUK First Choice+ Perfect Start Set

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Colour: Polypropylene
Size: 0-6 Months
NUK First Choice+ Perfect Start Set:
-now with temperature control to indicate if the contents are too hot
  • 2 x NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottles, 150 ml, silicone teats, age 0-6 months, S for breast milk, infant formula, tea and water
  • 2 x NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottles, 300 ml, silicone teats, age 0-6 months, M for formula
  • 2 x NUK First Choice+ Silicone Teats, age 0-6 months, M for formula
  • 1 x NUK First Choice+ Open Close leak proof screw top
  • 1 x NUK Bottle Brush 2-in-1
  • 1 x NUK Genius Soother, “My first NUK”, silicone, age 0-6m, with protective cap
  • 1 x Box

  • Optimal nourishment is the best prerequisite for a successful start in life. For many decades, mothers throughout the world have been putting their trust in NUK’s high-quality baby products, which help and promote the healthy overall development of children right from the start.

    Baby bottle made of light, resilient polypropylene:
    • High quality, particularly light, durable and even suitable for freezing
    • Free from harmful substances and odourless, BPA free
    • Easy to fill and clean with an extra wide bottle neck
    • Safe grip and stable, through slightly contoured shape of bottle with wide base
    • Unlimited combinations with all NUK First Choice products
    The most natural teat for your baby:
    For many years, NUK First Choice has been the first choice for bottle feeding modelled on breastfeeding. With NUK First Choice+ we have managed to get even closer to nature – for healthy jaw development and a drinking sensation as if at a mother’s breast.

    Natural and shaped correctly for the jaw:
    The special NUK Shape is modelled on a mother´s nipple as she breastfeeds. It leaves your baby´s tongue and jaw enough room for natural sucking movements.

    Soft as a mother’s breast:
    With its new soft zone, the silicone baglet is a better fit against the roof of your baby´s mouth – giving a natural feeling while drinking.

    Helps prevent colic:
    The improved Anti-Colic Air System creates a natural flow so that your baby can drink in a relaxed way without swallowing air.

    Clinically tested:
    Due to its particularly natural shape, the NUK Teat is accepted well by babies. This means that it is specially suited for babies who are both bottle and breastfed.

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      1489 reviews
      Amazing sleep suit!

      Love this suit! My boy wriggles a lot and this ensures he is kept warm on these winter nights.


      Beautiful car seat, will use it with the maxi cosi pram, this has all the features that i could want, a nice recline and padding for baba, i am loving this website its so much cheaper than retail prices and quick delivery

      Love Isoki products

      Great quality bag. Love the color. The material is nice . Easy to clean. Quite big but great size because it fits everything I need for my Toddler for playcentre or when going on day trip. Can fit a few changes of clothing, jacket nappies wipes lunch box. A drink bottle for both of us. wallet keys etc. Just perfect. Comfortable to wear on your back or hangs on stroller with the stroller straps easily even on my smaller stroller. Love Isoki I've bought a couple of there nappie bags already. Very happy with it. Great price and service fast shipping. Bag was as described. Very happy.

      Great stroller

      I love this stroller. The handle extends out nice and high, so no stooped backs when walking along (both myself and my partner are tall and struggle with other brands that are much lower). Sturdy construction. Good wheels for going on rough grass etc. Big storage basket. Good sized canopy for protecting against the NZ sun. It is quite heavy, but then it was never going to be a 'travel' stroller so that's ok. Really pleased with it overall.

      Does the job

      Reasonably sturdy and a good standard size for cups etc. Annoying how you have to remove it every time you want to collapse the stroller down. Sticks out sideways a lot too. I like it but don't think it wiill get used as much as I thought it would.