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Many children now own devices that allow them to listen to music or watch videos on the go. While this can be very handy in a range of situations it’s important that they can enjoy music and videos safely. Their ears are still growing so they need to be protected from hearing damage.

At Ems for Kids, our Bluetooth Audio Headphones have been designed specifically with kids in mind. They enable your little ones to listen to music on a wide variety of devices, safely and comfortably. They feature a built-in volume limiter (85dB maximum volume) so they can use the headphones without you worrying about damage to their hearing.

Safe Listening For Little Ears:
Anyone who takes care of little ones knows how important it is to protect their ears from loud noises. When they listen to music on a mobile device children will often deliberately or accidentally increase the device’s volume. This can have lasting effects if they set it too loud and they could potentially damage their hearing. Which is why Ems for Kids created headphones for children that limit the audio volume to 85dB, so you always know the volume is at a safe level. They also have a built-in volume control, enabling the volume to be easily adjusted at any time, within a safe range.

Wireless Headphones For Children On The Go:
  • Ems for Kids headphones are perfect when the family is out and about or on the go
  • They allow your kids to enjoy videos or music without disturbing others
  • While not as noise reducing as hearing protection earmuffs, these headphones will block some of the surrounding ambient noise, so your little one can enjoy their music comfortably without needing a high volume
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows the headphones to be used with a wide variety of mobile devices
  • If your child is in a noisy environment, playing some relaxing music through headphones is a great way to help keep them calm and relaxed
  • Our headphones for children have a detachable AUX cable, so they can be plugged into a device, or used wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection
Audio Headphones Designed for Comfort:
Adult headphones can be too large and slip off little ears easily and inner ear headphones can be uncomfortable and contain choking hazards. That’s why Ems for Kids designed a pair of Bluetooth Audio Headphones specifically for children. These special kids’ headphones are smaller in size for increased comfort, with an adjustable band to help them grow with your child from just one year old right through to their teenage years.

The headphones are lightweight and easy to take anywhere. They come with their own carry case, ideal for at home or on the go.

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looking forward to using this when our baby arrives. Very stylish, and like that I can also purchase a stand for it to make it easier to bath baby

Cute rattle

My son absolutely loves his rattle! It’s well designed and provides a lot of fun and entertainment for our little one. Highly recommend :)

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My 7 month year old son loves all Sophie the Giraffe toys! They are the BEST teething toys. Highly recommend :) Thanks Winkalotts for prompt service and delivery.

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Loving it & thanks for the layby option

Purchased through layby over 11 weeks, best investment ever, still waiting on baby to be born so layby was a total blessing. Awesome pram/capsule, first ever big purchase for baby but totally worth it. Can't wait to use

Easy to stall. A little disappointed with the amount of padding . The strap holding the main clip is quite rough and uncomfortable where is protrudes from the seat .