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This easyblinds™ easynight™ blackout blind portable version has easynight™ blackout fabric and includes suction cups for use on any window as well as self-adhesive fabric fastener strips and removable self-adhesive frame fastener strips so you can quickly and easily install an effective blackout blind, plus you get a handy bag for packing your blackout blind away between uses.

Available in a range of sizes to cover windows up to 3 x 1.45 m (it can be used either way around), this can be cut to size without fraying and size XXL could be cut to make two smaller blinds if required as it includes additional suction cups, fabric fastener strips and frame fastener strips.

The frame fastener strips included can be used on uPVC and wooden window frames. Simply arrange the fastener strips around the window frame as required to hold your easynight™ in place.

Features & Sizes:
  • easynight™ blackout material is silvered on one side for better light and heat reflection
  • Lightweight, this fabric weighs 170 g per square metre
  • Easily cut to size with scissors if you wish, or it can be used uncut to fit different size windows
  • Available in four sizes, each size from regular to XXL includes self-adhesive fabric fastener strips (which must be applied to the fabric) and self-adhesive removable frame fastener strips for use on the window frame.
  • Regular: 1.5 x 1.45 m, includes 16 fabric fastener strips and 16 frame fastener strips plus 10 suction cups
  • Large: 2 x 1.45 m, includes 16 fabric fastener strips and 16 frame fastener strips plus 10 suction cups
  • XL: 2.3 x 1.45 m, includes 16 fabric fastener strips and 16 frame fastener strips plus 10 suction cups
  • XXL: 3 x 1.45 m, includes 20 fabric fastener strips and 20 frame fastener strips plus 16 suction cups

Customer Reviews

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Good quality, prompt delivery

Easy to install, good quality.


Great product super easy to put up and down.

Easy and effective black out blinds

Easy to install and also put up and down each day. We used the tape over the whole window as we have horizontal Venetian blinds without curtains. Great that they are removable as we are in a rental. The room is pitch black, excellent product.


Work so well our monitor thinks it is night time during the day.

Great Blackout Blinds

I have found these blinds to be the best after trying a few different kinds. As well as making the room pitch black, they also don’t heat up like other blackout blinds do.

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1539 reviews
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My 3 daughters all ride this bike around and their ages range from 7yrs down to 2yrs! It is very well made, stylely and would certainly recommend from ages 2+. I love the way it is so silent to ride...

Love it!

Absolutely love this and highly recommend it for white noise machine. Plenty of sound options. Battery lasts ages I'm sure way more than 10 hours mentioned because i use it for a few days without charging and play all night. Good volume. Works a charm for our baby and im a bit addicted too. Slim flat design.

I love it!

I just started using it and I love it!
The screen size is perfect, the image is pretty good and so far I haven’t had any trouble with distance.
The sound alarm is great. I like that the screen doesn’t stay on the whole time, only when baby makes noise.
The parent unit Turns on and off quickly .
It doesn’t come with anything to mount the camera on, but we just attached to a phone tripod and it worked wonders, easier to transport.
I did lots of research before buying it and I’m really glad with my choice.


Great for our toddler who doesn’t stay under blankets. Perfect weight for any season (heater on in winter).

Great seat & service

Great prices, prompt delivery & Great customer service. Can't fault them!