NUK First Choice+ Perfect Start Starter Set

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NUK First Choice+ Perfect Start Starter Set
  • 2 NUK First Choice+ Glass Bottles, 120ml, latex teat, 0-6 months, small hole, BPA-free
  • 2 NUK First Choice+ Glass Bottles, 240ml, latex teat, 0-6 months, medium hole BPA-free
  • Non-slip screw ring for easy opening and closing
  • White bottle box for up to six NUK First Choice+ Bottles
  • Helps prevent colic: improved NUK Anti-colic Air System
  • NUK First Choice+ Perfect Start Starter Set, with 4 Baby Bottles incl. Latex Teats and Bottle Box, Age 0-6 Months

    A new baby brings a lot of happiness into a home but there is a lot to organise and, even long before the birth, parents ask themselves what do they really need to buy. As a starter set, there is one from NUK - the NUK First Choice+ Starter Set. With this high-quality set, you have everything right from the start. It contains a bottle box for storing up to six NUK First Choice+ or other NUK Baby Bottles. The box is made of the light and very resilient synthetic material, polypropylene (PP).

    The set contains four NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottles with straightforward, simple motifs and two different filling volumes: two bottles for smaller appetites with 120ml and two with 240ml. The non-slip screw ring makes the bottles easy to open and close while the wide bottle neck makes them simple to fill and clean.

    Every NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle in the Starter Set comes with a latex NUK Teat that is right for the jaw with a naturally wide lip rest, which give babies a familiar feeling as if at their mother’s breast as they drink. The NUK Anti-colic Air System of the teat helps reduce the risk of colic, as your baby swallows less air while drinking. All NUK First Choice+ Bottles are suitable for when you both bottle and breastfeed and “grow” with your baby, for the bottles are easy to combine with other NUK First Choice+ Teats and Drinking Lids.

    The four bottles of the set come in a practical plastic box which can be also used at home for storing, draining and transporting up to six bottles and other accessories.

    The ideal present for new parents:

    The NUK First Choice+ Starter Set for the first stages of growing up.

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    Great booster for bigger kids

    Great for a taller kid who still needs a booster. This one is wide and sturdy, and very comfortable for my 7 year old. Might not be the best option if you need to have 3 chairs in the back, bit perfect if you have 1 or 2, especially if you want something to last til your kid outgrows boosters one day. Good price, great quality, happy kid

    Excellent quality and comfort

    This is the first seat that my daughter (5) has fallen asleep in where her head and neck are really comfortable and I love that the seat will last her til she no longer needs a booster chair. The quality of the chair is great and the price is good too. Delivery was excellent and efficient. Highly recommend!

    Delivered quickly and kept up to date the whole time. Brilliant

    Prompt delivery. Customer service reached out to confirm my details when they appeared incorrect. Product was good, as expected.

    Very handy

    Sturdy and cute!