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Without a doubt, breastfeeding is the best a mother can do for her child. But there are situations, when mothers have to bring breastfeeding in line with other activities or commitments. The simplest solution is to express your milk. With the help of manual or electric breast pumps, you can express healthy breast milk for your baby while, at the same time, keeping up your milk production for further breastfeeding. This lets you gain a little more freedom throughout the time you breastfeed.

NUK Breast Milk Containers were developed for the optimal, hygienic storage of your breast milk and is suitable for use with the NUK Manual Breast Pump and all other NUK Electric Breast Pumps as well as for all NUK First Choice and First Choice+ Teats. NUK Breast Milk Containers help you store, freeze, warm and even feed the expressed milk without any annoying refilling. What is more, for a longer storage period, the container can be frozen for up to six months. So that you do not forget when you expressed it, you can write the date in the space provided. As the container can be used repeatedly, it is, of course, not a problem if you boil it.
  • Suitable for cooling and freezing, use with the NUK Manual Breast Pump and all other electric breast pumps from NUK
  • No problem to heat, best of all in a NUK Baby Food Warmer
  • Suitable for all NUK First Choice and First Choice+ Teats
  • Four containers with screw lids made of temperature resistant (from -18°C to +100°C) polypropylene with measuring scale and date space, suitable for multiple use, BPA free
  • Modern, appealing motif


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    1269 reviews
    Excellent but sad as cannot be use as car seat in australia.

    I was misled with reviews that some aussies bought this capsule so straight away without thorough research I purchased it trusting reviews. I am only aware that it cannot be installed in the car after purchasing it as husband checked if it pass AU standard and it doesn't but it is a very good pram regardless in its own right so I just used the pram for walking and never used it for car seat 😊 Doesnt take much space in boot 😁 and very easy to fold up and unfold and it sometimes helps my baby sleep when it is folded up and used as a rocker.

    Awesome seat

    Purchased for my 6 year old who had outgrown her Safe n sound seat height wise and she is on the lowest setting in this one. As a try I put my almost 13 year old in it and he fits also so this will last until she no longer requires a seat. I love that it has latch connectors so the seat won't become a missile if I happen to have an accident without her in the car. Daughter says its super comfy. Quick delivery from Winkalotts too, reached rural Christchurch in a few days

    Love this booster!

    Bought for average height 8yo boy. First time using booster rather than 5 point harness. Great he can do up himself. Looks like will last for at least a couple of years height wise.


    My 2 year old LOVES this!! So easy for her to ride and light weight if we need to pick it up to cross the road etc. goes over bumps/stones well because of the bigger tyres. Awesome bike!

    Love this seat

    Purchased to take away on holiday and its been great. We have now used it to replace our big high chair. My only feedback would be that the crotch strap is a little short as I had read on previous reviews. But it does the trick for my 13 month old.