Ingenuity Baby Plenti™ Nursing Pillow

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Colour: Pebble Beach
The Plenti™ Nursing Pillow helps you cuddle and cradle your baby while offering support during feedings. The relax-fit design aligns with most body shapes to offer support for both parent and baby. Crafted with the help of an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) this pillow was created to make nursing and bottle feeding comfortable.

When things are hazy during those late night snuggles or early morning fusses, the visual tabs of our Breastside Reminder™ System promote the healthiest feeding opportunities by reminding you which breast you fed from last.

The knit fabrics are extra soft and machine washable. The pillow material is also water resistant to keep all the little accidents from leaking into places they don’t belong. As your little one grows, the pillow can be also used for lounging, tummy time and sitting support.
  • Designed with an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant)
  • Breastside Reminder™ System to help keep track of feedings
  • Relax-fit design supports both parent and baby
  • Water resistant pillow material helps prevent messes
  • Includes pillow and machine washable slip cover

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Want more space? Get these

We bought 2 of these for Mr 3 and Mr 4 and wow, we have a tonne more space in our car now. Boys love them. The harness is secure and they are comfortable for the kids to keep on and keep safe. Highly recommend A++++

Whoops reviewed wrong gym. Didn't end up buying this playgym due to bad reviews after researching

My 2 month old absolutely loves this play gym ,
Really great buy

4 out of 5 stars

This seat is super easy to install as each isofix anchor can be attached independently, once installed it is very secure with very little movement. It feels really safe. Depending on the angle of your back seat your baby's head can fall forward even when fully reclined. This doesnt happen in my car but does in my husbands car as his back seat angles down. The swivel mechanism can occasionally be finicky and sometimes i have to give it an extra wiggle before it will spin. You also have to sit the seat all the way up before it will turn, so if baby is asleep, this wakes them. It has little loops to hook the belt out the way but they are near impossible to use. I do find that you can just hang them over the edge and they stay out the way fine, Because of the high and low strap covers the straps tend not to twist like in other seats, this saves me a lot of frustration. The buckle can be fiddly to put together but clicks in easily and is easy and smooth to fasten and loosen. I never used the sensor safe, Overall a very safe and easy to use seat.


The description is misleading. Yes, it's waterproof, however, there is no "cushy padding". It's just a layer of very thin synthetic plush fabric on top of the waterproof layer that feels tacky, to be honest, and doesn't soak up anything. In fact, it makes for a sweaty behind because there is no layer in between and the child is sitting pretty much on plastic. I only use it when I know my little one might fall asleep.