Chicco Thermogel Breast Pads

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The Thermogel Nursing Pads provides quick relief in case of breast-feeding, breast tension, or before feeding to support the flow of milk, favoring a serene breastfeeding. They can be used hot or cold as needed.

2 in 1: Cold and Cold therapy
Thanks to the particular Thermogel, bearings can be used hot or cold depending on the need; they are a useful aid in the event of traffic jams, tension in the breast, redness.

Hot Use
Hot drinks stimulate the flow of milk before breastfeeding and help relieve any tension on the breast. Used with warm water softened liner, they give relief and favor milk production.

Soft fabric lining
The soft sponge lining offers high delicacy and softness on the skin.

Ergonomic design
The round and flexible shape allows you to optimally adapt to your breasts for a high level of comfort.


  • Offers relief and protection for tender nipples.
  • Helps ease breast feeding.
  • Reduces the accumulation of bacteria on the breast.
  • Dual use: Cold & Hot therapy for breast
  • Flexible fit on the breast
  • Extremely gentle on delicate skin

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