Baby Einstein Bold New World™ High Contrast Playmat

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Grab your little one’s attention with the eye catching Bold New World High Contrast Play Mat from Baby Einstein.

High contrast colors and patterns make it easier for baby to focus on their surroundings while their eyesight develops. The adjustable canopy can be moved to baby’s level, making tummy time more comfortable and fun and the plush prop pillow gives baby the support they need as they check out all the engaging patterns and shapes around them.

Hide and reveal toys, like the magic apple that turns inside out, keep baby curious, surprised and delighted. As baby grows, so does the play mat. Flip the canopy to reveal a whole new side of bright colors, or adjust it for different ages and stages. Lower the canopy to baby’s eye level during tummy time, create a colorful sky overhead during lay and play time on baby’s back, or move it anywhere in between during sit and play time. Move around the take along toys so they’re always in baby’s reach no matter the play position. Watch your little one’s eyes fill with wonder as they explore a play mat filled with fun surprises.
  • Baby can see high contrast patterns best
  • 20+ minutes of melodies
  • Adjustable canopy for different play positions
  • Pillow support for tummy time
  • Hide and reveal toys encourage curiosity

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